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My background

I have been working in healthcare for 38 years and committed to the overall health of my clients, patients, family and friends. I have 100's of hours of continuing education to gain knowledge to improve the well-being for everyone. If I didn't have an answer for a client or patient, I would find it. My personal experiences and education  with health and healthcare are vast from adult and congenital cardiac issues to rare cancers , chronic diseases, stress, depression, addiction and many more ....

How I got started

My strengths in health, wellness, nutrition and healthcareh have been an asset. It became clear to me that there was something missing for the healthcare consumer. The right to have the knowledge and understanding how to achieve optimal health by just learning how to listen to their bodies and getting the most out of the healthcare system is a huge missing element. Another is too many people do not know why they take the medications they are prescribed. More importantly they have no knowledge how their body utilizes their medications or options other than medications to prevent side effects. The same lack of understanding and knowledge of how poor nutrition and nutrient values of the vitamins, minerals and the food they eat has been equally concerning for me. I have heard too many times that patients had no time to ask their doctors the questions they had. Patients have a preconceived notion that doctors had all the answers. The quality of healthcare and preventive medicine for the  patients has now turned  to quantity of the number of patients seen. Another one of my observations of patients is how they fill out their personal  and health history's.  There is important information omitted  that leads to poor healthcare. Hopefully, all of the above describes why I got started in Health Management Coaching to fill a void  to teach and share knowledge with everyone to gain a healthy body!


My approach

My approach is to educate and give knowledge of Preventive Medicine, Body Self Awareness, Nutrition, Oral Health, Selfcare and Effective medical appointments  Teach you how to listen to your body and how it works. How to understand your nutritional needs, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AND WHAT YOU DON'T EAT"! Educate why a complete health and personal history's are so important for every healthcare provider. How to fill one out! Your healthcare is only as good as what you share with a provider or what you don't share.  The power of knowledge and understanding of YOUR BODY AND YOUR HEALTH leads a better quality life!

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